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Below are some of the sites and/or graphic designs that our web developers/designers have either designed/created or have worked extensively on. Please click on the images in order to be taken to the actual site or an enlarged version of the graphic.

Website/Database Design
Company Name: Silver State BMX
Original design: http://www.nevadabmx.com
Proposed re-design: http://www.wirthwebdesigns.com/nevadabmx
Description: We were hired to redesign their site and create a simple, easy to navigate site where the owner could update the information regarding the organization to the other members. Since they were the ones updating the information, this site contains just images we created and straight HTML.
Company Name: Bead Dazzled Creations
URL: http://www.beaddazzledcreations.com
Description: We were hired to create a ecommerce site complete with a shopping cart. This site contains some Flash, HTML, and PHP. It includes a heavily modified version of the shopping cart OSCommerce including a product detail page that uses PHP to customize the page to each piece of jewelry.
Company Name: Specialty Luggage
URL: http://www.specialtyluggage.com
Description: One of our lead designers created this ecommerce site complete with a shopping cart. This site contains some Flash, HTML, and PHP. It includes a heavily modified version of the shopping cart OSCommerce.
Company Name: Berda CompuGraphix
Description: This company is one of the Internet's leading t-shirt printing comany and their site is totally maintained by one of our website administrators. The site consists of HTML, graphics (which our designer has touched up), PHP, CGI, and Javascript.
Private Group
URL: http://www.wirthwebdesigns.com/darklords
Description: We built this site for a group on a popular text based game. They wanted a site that would tell other people that played the game a little about them as well as pass along information to the other members. They wanted a dark look so we used darker color combinations. This site contains Flash, Javascript, and basic HTML. We moved this site to our server because they would like to include MySQL database and PHP to the site features, which we are developing now.
Private Individual
URL: http://www.wirthwebdesign.com/sample
Description: This person contacted us to create a searchable database of all of his books in his library. He wanted the functionality where one of his employees would be able to enter the information into the database. After it is entered, he will then be able to search for a particular book or books from a particular author. This link is to a copy of the application, so feel free to enter all the information you like. It will not affect our customers database at all.
Sample Library
Graphic Design
Description: This is an example of one of our text effects that we used to create a unique sign to cheer on a local sports teams. This can be used with any color combination to create eye-catching posters or signs.
Light Burst
Description: This image started out as a grayscale image but we chose to make certain parts of it stand out by colorizing what we wanted to emphasize.
Description: Here is an example of the reverse of the above effect. This time we started with a color photograph and reduced the background to grayscale to emphasize the person in the center of the image.
Focus Image
Description: This is a banner we made for a charity event. They wanted something a little more than just a black block font on a background, but still wanted it to be fairly simple.
Color Contest
Description: We made this sign to allow a retail outlet to advertise a give-away in their stores. They were looking for something that wasn't too busy, but was colorful and eye-catching.
Dream Vacation
Description: A kraftwrap is a full page ad in a newspaper that folds over the entire folded newspaper so the ad is on top when the paper is delivered. This is one of the kraftwraps we created for a local retail outlet.
Kraftwrap Image
Description: We made this promotion poster for a charity dog walk.
Poster Image
Description: This is another sign for inside a retail outlet. This one was used for advertising leading up to an event.
Talk Image
Flash Animation
Description: Banner ads are one of the most popular ways to advertise on other websites. Animated banner ads draw attention to themselves and optimize their visibility. These are a must if you plan on advertising on other websites.
Banner Ads
Description: Animated logos get attention as soon as they load on your home page. We designed this one as part of a entire site redesign. They wanted their site to still be conservative with a little bit more flash. This was part of our solution.
Animated Logo
Description: Splash pages add a little bit of spice to your site, while allowing the visitor the option to skip the page all together. These types of pages are often used to show a little bit about your business. This splash page was built for one of the websites featured above.
Splash Page

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